i'm so glad you're here!

First of all, you're doing GREAT! Im truly impressed that you are seeking growth and trying to build your business, it truly says so much about you, and I am so thrilled you are here! I am so honored to be apart of your growth and I cannot wait to embark on this journey with you! 

Way to often I hear that the photography world is a saturated market but I don't believe that one bit. There are millions of people in this world getting married, falling in love, celebrating accomplishments. And do you know what they're looking for? Confident, creative, photographers with a passion for their craft. Every photographer is different and brings their own secret sauce to the table and that is the KEY. 

My passion for educating other photographers comes from the ones that helped educate me when I was first getting started, don't get me wrong, youtube is amazing but it can only teach you so much. I believe more than anything that your business should stem from cultivating your craft, trusting your creativity, and serving your clients well. These three things are what I want to help you with and walk you through during your mentorship. 

Hey photographer,

give me the details!

YAY! So how is this going to work? Im glad you ask! First of all, this is where I basically force you to become besties with me, hehe ;) kidding but not. After your mentorship, I will still be there for you! I wont leave you hanging, I'll always be cheering you on. Now lets talk about the two mentorships that I offer!



Lets meet over FaceTime where we will chat for an hour about your business. We will talk about what you are struggling with and I will walk you through and help you overcome them. Shooting, editing, culling, editing, client experience, I am an open book, nothing is off limits! This is a perfect option if you aren't local and are wanting to learn from me. The best part? You can do this in the comfort of your own home in your pjs!!!


Wanna hang with me in person? During this session you and I will spend three hours together. The first hour we will sit and chat over a coffee about your goals, what you're struggling with, and what you want to focus on. Then we will head over to a live shoot where we will photograph a REAL couple! The last hour or so will be spent doing post production - post production guidance, culling, editing, workflow, client galleries - wherever your business needs the most love.