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Hello Gorgeous



July 22, 2019

Mandi + Zach

I’ve been craving a golden hour session with a sweet pup and a beautiful maxi dress. Mandi, Zach, and their sweet pup Luna deliveredĀ just that for me! We met on theĀ hottest day ever, but these two gracefully braved the heat with a smile on their face! Columbia heat is unlike any other, i’m not even kidding! Some days I walk outside and it takes the breath from my lungs, okay maybe i’m being dramatic, but my point is…. ITS HOT HERE!

Their session was so much fun and i’m pretty sure they laughed the entire time! I love when sessions turn out like that, it makes it not only fun for the client but for me as well. Here are some fun photos from their super hot but super fun session!


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