November 24, 2020

Bride Welcome Boxes

EVP Bride Welcome Boxes

Let’s talk bride to bride for a second, getting engaged is so exciting, but finding the right vendors can be so stressful! I know, because i’ve been there! Planning a wedding is hard, especially now. I get it, and I want to help make your wedding planning easier and more enjoyable!

My ultimate goal is to provide my brides with an unmatched experience because just like them, I was once a bride and I loved being loved on by my photographer (looking at you, Christi Johnson hehe!). When I first book my brides I ensure that we are a good fit because after all, we will spend one of the biggest days of your life together!

After the booking is complete I always ship out a little box of goodies, except now, I’m offering my own custom bride welcome boxes, I have put my whole entire heart into these ya’ll. They are filled with the sweetest goodies and are completely custom, thats right, even the tissue paper is EVP branding! Am I dreaming? Can someone pinch me? Because I truly cannot believe that these goodies are mine and that I get to give them to my EVP brides!

The best part about the bride welcome boxes? Aside from all the goodies inside, I have something super important – a wedding guide magazine made by me exclusively for EVP brides. You heard that right, it is my OWN custom magazine that has all kinds of tips from engagement session to wedding day details.

I had to share a little sneak peak of the boxes since I officially delivered the first one today!

If you are a 2021-2022 bride, I would love to get the opportunity to love on you and for you to join the EVP bride club! Head over to my contact page here to send me an inquiry.

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