September 5, 2019

Samantha + Austin

As I approach this new season of photography, i’ve really found myself in areas I never thought i’d end up. For instance, I always saw my photography as a passion and never thought it would take off like it has. I started to pursue different types of photography at the beginning of 2019, such as wedding photography, and I instantly fell in love. I started second shooting to get more experience and then I started showcasing what I photographed at weddings. And guess what? I’ve booked weddings, i’ve second shot weddings, and I’ve made ton

s of new photographer friends! I’m also becoming something I never knew I wanted to become – a wedding photographer!

I wanted to share with you guys a wedding I second shot a couple months ago! Mary Catherine Echols was the main photographer and she asked me to be her second, which I ha

ppily accepted! I love weddings, ya’ll. Whether i’m second shooting or its my own wedding, I love every minute

of it.

Here is just a sneak peak into Samantha + Austin’s big day that I was so incredibly honored to be apart of!

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