September 12, 2019

Alex + Kaitlin


Wedding days are so busy. From the moment the photographer arrives they start taking photos and they typically don’t actually stop until the end of the night! Your photographer will be there with you through some of the most exciting, emotional, and stressful moments of your big day. That is why I always stress about finding the right photographer! That $200 difference isnt going to matter that much at the end of the day, what is going to really matter is if you connect with your photographer! Its important to ensure that your personalities don’t clash, you both have the same vision for what kind of images you want captured, and you like their style. Once you find the right photographer, I promise that all of your dream images will come to life!

One of my favorite parts about the wedding day is the first look! Alex and Kaitlin had the most emotional first look and I would be lying if I said I didnt have to wipe a few tears away myself! Alex lost it when he saw his gorgeous bride and if that wasn’t enough, they shared letters they had written each other. It was so special! They wanted Jesus to be the center of their day and I swear it couldn’t have been more perfect.

I love getting to do this, ya’ll. Being apart of these special moments, capturing some of the most important days in other’s lives, that is what sets my soul on fire. I couldnt be more thankful to have second shot this wedding with my sweet friend Mary Catherine Echols.


Here are some of my absolute favorite images from Alex and Kaitlin’s big day.


One of my favorite moments of the reception was when Alex pulled out a guitar and sang a song to his new wife!


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