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October 17, 2021

Baby W Annoucement

A few weeks back we announced we are pregnant!!!!!! Austin and I had been praying for a couple of months about this sweet babe and hoping the Lord would see us fit to become parents. All I have to say is, if you ask, you shall receive!

I’ll never forget the day we found out we were pregnant. We were actually together which was the sweetest thing EVER. I wasn’t feeling well and Austin said, well come home, wait for me, and take a test. We were standing in our bathroom and after the longest two minutes ever I looked at the clearblue test not thinking it would be positive. It was VERY early, so I saw the TINEST two lines. I squinted, my eyes filled with tears, and I had Austin look at it. He hollered “IS THIS A LITTLE LINE?!” We both burst into immediate tears, hugging, and thanking God for this incredible blessing. We stood there staring at each other, tears in both of our eyes, hugging the tightest we’ve ever hugged. I couldn’t believe it. I took at least 15 more tests and each day those little pink lines got darker and darker. The moment Austin and I found out will forever go down as one of the best days of my entire life.

If you go to my instagram you can see the full video of Austin and I telling our friends and family. Each of them had the sweetest, most genuine reaction. I loved getting to share the sweetest news ever with them!

I reached out to my good friend, Katie Wilson and asked her to take some announcement photos for me, she was SO excited for us and we picked the date! I couldn’t wait to share with the world this sweet blessing! I told Katie that I had a special letter I wanted to open in front of the camera. When I was 14, I wrote Austin a bunch of “open when” letters. He had one last letter to open…. “Open when I get pregnant…” We opened this precious letter together and it sent me into immediate tears. I guess at the time I thought we would have a boy and I thought that all the way up until our gender reveal. Turns out, our angel baby is a GIRL! What a beautiful surprise!

Here are some of the sweetest photos from our announcement session with Katie!

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